What Some Patients Have to Say...


“In high school, my daughter was injured by accidentally getting kicked in the head during swimming warm-ups. She had a concussion that unfortunately did not respond well to rest. She struggled with migraines, inability to focus, nausea, etc. She was prescribed a cocktail of medications.

Over the next two years the severity of her symptoms seemed to decrease but she continued with frequent migraines. We continued seeking some sort of relief and continued with neurologists who prescribed variations of migraine medications, none of which really helped.

This is when we thought to try acupuncture. My daughter started seeing MaryEllen and has continued to see her when she has migraine flare ups. My daughter feels that it’s been the one treatment modality that offers her the most relief.  

Mary Ellen takes her time and she systematically works through her process changing course as she asks about symptoms and response to certain points.  Her holistic approach is individually focused and she is determined to give her patients relief. My daughter feels much better after her sessions and it seems to have a lasting effect.  

We would refer Mary Ellen to anyone as we think she is a great healer and clinician.”


“After years of treatment for chronic Prostatitis including daily antibiotics for seven years the medications stopped working. I was in constant pain and was told that surgery was my next option. Surgery that would compromise my sexual function forever.

Fortunately I tried acupuncture and got pain relief within two weeks. I have stopped taking the antibiotics and have remained pain and infection free for six months now without surgery. I continue with weekly acupuncture sessions and have had relief and improvement for several other issues including sciatica.

My only regret is not trying acupuncture sooner.”

- M.Burns

“I am 51 years old and underwent a surgical procedure resulting in surgical menopause. After 2 1/2 years of HRT with a gradual decrease in dosage, I stopped taking Premarin.  Three days later menopause began for me with a vengeance. Intense mood swings, hot flashes, sweating, inability to concentrate and insomnia.  My gynecologist suggested Effexor and my primary ordered Ambien.

I hadn't slept through the night for nine months. The hot flashes were literally controlling my life. I was surfing the web and tried Acupuncture out of desperation.

Since my first treatment I have slept every night. I still get feelings of warmth but the hot flashes are gone. The quality of my life has improved 98% with Acupuncture and it gives me an overall sense of well-being.

MaryEllen, Thank you.”


“I went in to see MaryEllen because I had been having muscle spasms for over two years due to whiplash symptoms (rear ended in a car accident two and 1/2 years ago).  I had tried everything, from chiropractors and all kinds of massage therapy, bought every ergonomic product for back pain and still no relief. 

I needed to try something new and did not know if acupuncture therapy was for me.  It wasn't until I read something online that compared acupuncture treatment as a rebooting of the body. To reboot is to restart a computer and reload its operating system. 

I am a 35 year-old female who thought that I was never going to get back the mobility that I once had in my wrist and arms. I sit in front of a computer all day long and I needed something that would help with my overall recovery plan. 

In addition to lots of exercise and rest, I feel that acupuncture has really changed my life. Thus, when I feel that my body is out of whack and the vulnerable parts (back, arm) feel out of sync, I go in for a system rebooting."

- M. G.


“After an old back injury flared up to an excruciating degree, I was even unable to attend a yoga class without pain.  Sitting was painful, standing was painful.  My sleep was interrupted several times a night to shift positions, and I was turning into a walking zombie with extreme fatigue as a constant state of being.  

I spent fall of 2007 receiving weekly massage, which was helpful in the short term, but gave no lasting effects.  Physical therapy was out of the question.  I heard about Mary Ellen on New Year's Day 2008, and I started acupuncture with her soon thereafter. 

With weekly visits, by April I was ready for physical therapy -- without constant pain, and without doing further damage.  Continuing acupuncture throughout the physical therapy enabled me to really progress, and I am now able to maintain my own exercise routine with minimal discomfort. 

Acupuncture has made a dramatic change in my life.”


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